jueves, junio 26, 2008


Continua caída de menudas gotas
que se unen para llamar a la nostalgia.

[La lluvia]

De Ana María Penélope

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  1. Keep On Lovin' Me

    Is it really real
    The love that you feel for me
    Or is it a game
    For you to get into my groove
    But boy don't be dismayed
    I'd feel it too
    If I apply to you
    Boy your love remains the same

    [Chorus 2XS]
    Boy I'll give you all I've got
    All I have is all I get
    If you remain
    Remain the same
    Just keep on lovin' me
    Cause all that I want to do
    I'll take the time to show you how it could be
    Just keep on lovin' me
    I know your disappointed
    But what can I do boy
    To make that change
    This time I'll do what you say
    To help you believe
    And make it better
    To keep it together

    [Ad lib until fade]


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